The Ball Reach

The Ball Reach

The Ball Reach

Under Water Rol Oyunu

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Pixel can't reach the ball

Too cute to reach the ball

Soft ball reach and press

"The Ball Reach"

A hard ball game.
Difficult and not easy game.
Balance and Rolling ball game...

Control the ball by arrow control on the screen.

you are able to move the camera by arrow control on Horizontal all way around....

The ball movement is flexible & fast....

You will see traps on your way,
and some moving barrel,

Notice :
whene you play the game for the first time, you will find it difficult,
but by the time you will be used to the game..

The game is difficult, and we think that difficult games are more enjoyable...

We love to see your feedback or suggestions..

If there any thing you would like to tell us about the game!

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